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AMD Accelerated Processing Unit

December 2006
Differ from the opinion from Intel of CPU performance improvement scalability from the use of a lot number core in one units CPU, AMD believe that way just only repeat, as happened in Megahertz upgrading side. Whereabouts multiply the core is not the best way to increase the processor ability in next period. In effort to reach higher improvement of CPU performance, AMD are use the way which they mention "Accelerated Processing Units".

Accelerated Processing Units, or also can be referred as APU, representing multicore CPU chip that integrating core processor and dedicated processor. The example, Fusion, which represent the CPU with integrated graphic inside is the AMD early step heading for APU processor type.

More, AMD is also will enhance more core amount with other special function, besides the graphic processor. Although AMD do not mention its example specifically, but can imagine the processor type like fusion, possibility will be integrated inside with core physic processor, audio-video decoding, even also Artificial Intelligence (AI) acceleration.

Any to be done next, AMD claim will be able to make APU to all kinds of all core combination type, base on certain market. For example again at Fusion, this APU will be instructed especially for the mobile market, when attending in next 2009. Nevertheless, to all enthusiasts consumers don’t too worry. Because AMD do not planning to integrate the high-end GPU and CPU into one die silicon, because surely will require the production cost, as well as very high energy requirement.